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“D.R.I.P” Client Referral Rewards Promotion

Deductible Reduction Incentive Program

We often hear from clients that having to pay deductibles when an untimely car accident or homeowner claim occurs can sometimes be painful. We understand that, and yet higher deductibles allow us to keep our premiums lower and can save us a significant amount of money over time.

With this in mind we’ve designed a referral rewards program that provides an immediate reward for your referrals, the opportunity to win our quarterly raffle drawing… and if your referral becomes a client of our agency, you are eligible for a reduction or even elimination of your deductible should you have a covered car accident or property claim as a client of our agency.

Here’s how it works:

  • Refer a friend or relative to us for their insurance and we will reward you with a $5 Starbuck’s Gift Card… our way of saying “thanks for thinking of us”. We will also enter your name into our quarterly raffle drawing.
  • Then, once every three months we’ll draw the winning ticket for a $250 CheckWe will also make a donation to your favorite charity in the amount of $100! This is our opportunity to reward you for your referrals and also give back to charity and our community.
  • If your referral becomes a client of our agency, we will mail you a certificate making you eligible for a $50 reimbursement on your deductible should you have a covered accident or claim while you are a client of our agency.
  • There is no limit to the number of referral certificates you can earn. For example, if you earn 20 certificates over time you are eligible for a $1,000 deductible reimbursement from our agency.

**To redeem certificates for deductible reimbursement, the policy on which the claim is filed must be in force and active with our agency at the time of claim.

3 Easy Ways Your Referrals Can Reach Us:

  1. Call 559-802-4094
  2. Email Us at