Fresno Home Insurance

<b>Custom Home Insurance for Fresno -- With a Personal Touch</b>

Custom Home Insurance for Fresno -- With a Personal Touch

When you own or rent a house in Fresno, you want to be sure that everything you've worked hard for is properly protected. That could mean the structure of your home and everything in it, or, if you're renting, all your valuable possessions.

But you won't necessarily get the Fresno home insurance you really need unless you know you can rely on the personal touch that comes from Central Sequoia Insurance.

We've been protecting homes and their contents across the Central Sequoia for many years, so we've developed both the expertise to secure the best coverage and a deep understanding of what's important to Fresno homeowners and renters.

That sort of experience is hard to find. But, for us, it's just the starting point. When we provide home insurance in Fresno, we look to build a lifetime relationship with you. That lets you know that someone is always looking out for your Fresno insurance needs.

Our Fresno Home Insurance Program -- Start With the Basics

Standard homeowners insurance covers you against the following risks:

  • Liability protection against claims and lawsuits for damage or injury to a visitor, passer-by or neighboring property that you're held to blame for. That includes things like slip-and-trip injuries, dog bites or even damage from a falling tree.
  • Structural insurance if your Fresno home is damaged or destroyed from perils like fire, vandalism or windstorm.
  • Contents insurance for your personal possessions -- everything from furniture and fittings, through clothing and appliances, to personal items. Total coverage is up to a limit specified in the policy and protects personal property you take with you when you travel.

The Big Difference -- Central Valley's Custom Fresno Home Insurance

We get to know and understand you special needs, so we can customize your Fresno home coverage for a perfect fit.

Some insurers won’t protect certain types of structure, but we can insure all types of homes in Fresno including: Frame houses, CBS homes (Concrete Block Structure), Manufactured homes, Mobile homes on acreage, Condos, Townhouses, Secondary homes, Homes you rent to others, Seasonal resident homes

Once we know what you have and what you want, we shop around for a great deal. Here are some of the elements we consider:

  • Are the financial limits of a standard policy enough to fully protect you, or do you know a low-cost top-up known as umbrella insurance?
  • Do you need coverage against the cost of sewer back-up? Most standard policies don’t cover this.
  • Is your pet covered? Some insurers won’t insure against injuries caused by certain breeds.
  • Do you have jewelry, antiques, electronics and other high-value items that a standard policy won’t fully cover?
  • Does your home have unique features that would add to any repair or rebuilding costs?
  • How much would it cost to rebuild your home? Structural insurance is based on rebuilding/repair costs not market value.
  • Do you need additional protection like flood or earthquake insurance that falls outside a standard policy? We can advise you on the risks in your particular locale.
  • Are you entitled to any premium discounts, for example if you have more than one policy with the same company, have special security arrangements, or are prepared to pay a higher amount of any claim from your own resources?

See the Difference?

You may not get anything like this level of personal service elsewhere -- and certainly not on the end of an out-of-state phone line or website. 

Furthermore, if you need to make a claim or if you have any questions or special needs, you'll be dealing with a team of friendly experts based right here in the Central Valley, who know all there is to know about Fresno homeowners and renters insurance.

Don't Delay: It Could Cost You

Your Fresno home and its contents absolutely must be insured for your own financial protection.

You may be just starting out as a homeowner or renter, or you may already be insured and wonder if you're getting the right deal. We can tell you. And, if you're already insured, you don’t have to wait till your existing policy is due for renewal before getting the ball rolling.

The decision is as simple as this: The sooner you speak to us, the sooner you'll learn about great Fresno home insurance that's right for you.

Contact us at Central Valley Insurance now, free and without obligation, to answer your questions or provide a quote. We're here for you.