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Our Primary Purpose

Central Sequoia Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency. With offices in Visalia, CA., the agency is licensed to do business in California and considers the Central Valley of California to be its primary market area.

Our Primary Purpose

Our mission is to provide comprehensive insurance protection tailored to client needs. Products offered include auto, home, personal excess (umbrella), life and commercial/business insurance.

Using an advisory approach, our process will:

  • Identify the risks and determine the individual needs of each client/prospect/business.
  • Design a customized program of personal and/or or commercial insurance protection that meets the needs of the client/prospect at the lowest possible premium outlay.
  • Upon agreement the plan is the best solution, we will implement the plan on behalf of the client.
  • Provide ongoing “Renewal Reviews” on at least an annual basis to make sure the plan remains adequate and up to date.
Client Centered

Using the above approach we’ve been able to provide our clients with:

  • Insurance that matches client protection needs and wants while keeping premiums at the lowest possible levels.
  • A better understanding of what is and is not covered under their insurance contracts.
  • A strong relationship with their insurance advisors that opens lines of communication and builds trust.

The end result is our clients come away with the realization they have much better protection than ever at premium levels about the same or sometimes less than they paid before coming to us.

Our agency is also committed to “World Class Service” as we assist our clients with all their insurance questions, concerns and service needs. We also become the advocate for our clients when claims are filed.

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